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…feel stuck in a career or relationship and don’t know how to get out? 


…wonder why you speak negatively to yourself? 


…question what your purpose is and if you are on the right track? 


…ever find yourself searching for clarity to situations in your life? 


…believe you’re ready to begin a new chapter?  


…question if you are too old or set in your ways to create real change?  


…move through life without realizing you are in survival mode most days? 


…have good life for yourself and your family but can’t help but ask “Is this all there is to life?” 


I FEEL you.

I HEAR you.

I GET you.

I had everything I thought I wanted:  a successful career, nice house, wonderful marriage, and beautiful daughters but still felt something was missing.  It was me.  It was the connection to my purpose. 


In one hour a day,

I reconnected to myself and pivoted my life. 

To transform my life I had to journey inward and comb through my past to create the future that I desired. I documented that journey and later published it as my first book, The Selfish Hour. 

Now I am taking those strategies and sharing them

LIVE for $27! 

Grab a front row seat to learn how to transform your life in one hour a day. 

Wait, I just heard you say…“Sounds great Megan, but I don’t have an hour a day to commit to myself. You don’t understand my life…I work, have a side business, kids, a house, and need to get dinner ready.”  


Here’s my answer: Me too! 


When I started my Selfish Hour I was working full-time and then some, had a toddler and a newborn, a husband who traveled a ton for work, and we don’t live near family so I had zero help. 

Choose You

Stop making excuses for putting yourself last.  

In The Selfish Hour I redefined what selfish means: It means you care so much about others that you are willing to put yourself first to be the best for you and everyone else.   


This live training will teach you how to fill your own cup so you have more to pour for others…and know what to do when it accidentally gets knocked over. (7).webp

Transform your life in

Certified life coach and best selling author of The Selfish Hour, Megan Weisheipl is teaching you the secrets to transform your life in one hour a day. 

One Hour a Day


    Selfish Hour Event

    Teaching you the secrets to transform your life in ONE HOUR!
    Valid for 7 days

My goal during this training is to help you...


  • Create your own Selfish Hour

  • Declutter your mind

  • Build an awareness of your thoughts 

  • Understand how your thoughts are directly linked to the results in your life

  • Flip the script to change your thoughts 

  • Learn how to make decision and commitments

  • Create the action plan to the life you desire

PLUS an add-on Bonus!

Ready To Be Selfish?

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