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Mindset Coach, Speaker, Author, Dreamer, Wife and Mother. 

After sitting in the stands and watching my husband’s collegiate baseball teams for the past 13 years, I continuously heard the phrase “he needs to get out of his head” muttered by frustrated parents when their sons struggled.  As a Certified Life Coach, my mind started to wonder ‘how can I help?’ 


Coaches teach techniques to win games, but what often goes unaddressed is the mindset required to not only perform as an athlete but to successfully balance the chaotic life as a student-athlete. 


The immense pressure to BE and DO more is pushing student-athletes to the brink. 


As the wife of a coach, I have a deep appreciation for the sacrifice student-athletes and coaches make in so many areas of their lives.  I have created a pathway for athletes and coaches to understand that their own thoughts are an essential part of the results in sports, academics, and life. 

The playbook for success starts with


Get Out of Your Own Way: 

In my engaging and thought-provoking presentation, I help you formulate a game plan focused on releasing self-imposed obstacles, embracing a healthy identity, and establishing a formula for authentic goal setting and attainment.  My event can be tailored to student-athletes in general, specific teams, coaches only, coaches and athletic administrators, or a combination. 


My services are congruent with NCAA budget allocations for Tiers 1, 2, and 4 of the Strategic Initiatives Grant Program.

Thought management for higher performance 

After 13 years in sales she became a corporate refugee and started a coaching business that led her to becoming a Certified Life Coach and Director of Coaching for Your Virtual Upline. 

Who is Megan

International best-selling author of the The Selfish Hour, certified life coach, and acclaimed keynote speaker, Megan Weisheipl is dedicated to teaching people how to develop healthy thought management that will lead to higher performance. 


Married to a college baseball coach, she’s had a front row seat to D1, 2, and 3 athletics and all the highs and lows that come with the experience for parents, players, coaches and administrators.  


Megan helps people to create an awareness of their thoughts so they can shift their thinking to achieve different and better results in their lives.  Through coaching and speaking, she guides people to step into greatness by being authentically YOU. 


Book Megan!

Brian Davis

"We were fortunate to have Megan as our mental health speaker at our recent event. Her ability to connect with the student athletes and convey complex ideas in an accessible and engaging manner was impressive. Megan not only shared valuable insights but also inspired and motivated our audience to take action and think differently.”

Saint Peter’s University

Student Athlete

Your presentation today was excellent and I thought it contained some really powerful points in it that I really enjoyed. I really enjoyed the passion you spoke with, your positive message, and your authenticity. 


I really enjoyed your PowerPoint you had on the screen and I was trying to following on with it and with what you were telling us. Is there any chance you would be able to send me a copy of the presentation you gave today? I thought it was really powerful and it evoked an “ah ha!” moment in my brain where some things I am dealing with mentally seemed to click for me. 

Saint Peter’s University

Student Athlete

I think what you said today has the power to really change lives both on and off the field. I took what you said to heart and I hope my teammates and fellow student-athletes were able to have a similar experience.

Saint Peter’s University

Cindy Ikeler

I found Megan to be a genuine and engaging speaker. She was able to meet the group where we were and move us forward to a better, more positive place. Her knowledge and insightfulness were obvious and made an immediate impact. 

Head Coach, Cabrini University Swimming

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