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Helping You Craft A Life That You'll Love!

I coach moms, network marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who have a dream growing inside of them. 

Coaching Done Right


Kelly Jackson Crabb

"Working with Megan was incredibly helpful for me. She is an astute listener, extremely emotionally intelligent, and able to meet you exactly where you are. More significantly, she is able to offer perspective and help "flip the script" in mindset in ways I am forever grateful for. My time with her was invaluable. I'm so glad I made the investment."

Shawn Pelesko

"Megan is an amazing coach! She is a great listener and helps you dig deep to unlock what’s holding you back. She makes you feel safe enough to cry, so have tissues ready. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she encourages you to step out of your comfort zone. She has helped me change the way I think about my business and the future. I’m so grateful to have Megan in my life."

Jackie Carl

"Megan has helped me come from a stall that I felt like I was suffering through to a place of fresh energy and new momentum. I have fallen back in love with my business and with the journey all thanks to my time spent with her. I will always invest in myself and Megan has always proven to be 1000% worth the investment for me."

Brittney Howard 

"Megan is great at helping people find their strengths! While working with her I finally launched a podcast I had been thinking about for a while but had so much fear holding me back. I always left every meeting feeling empowered, knowing exactly what to go and work on. She helped me limit my overwhelm and get into action!"

Clients Who've Done The Work!

Chat With Megan

When I was a kid I loved playing school with my stuffed animals as students and always thought I would grow up to be a teacher.  That dream has come true but in a much different form that I imagined.  In my mid-30s I finally became a good student at life when I slowed down and created an awareness to my thoughts, feelings and actions.  Drawing from my experiences,  life's lessons and adding in becoming a Certified Life Coach I create a safe space for women to breakthrough their mindset struggle that hold them back. 

I coach moms, network marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who has a dream growing inside of them.  I am known to make my students and clients cry and I used to apologize for this but I no longer do.  I know am I doing my job of creating a space for you to work through the obstacles that are holding you back from stepping into your greatness.  If you have ever said "If I can get out of my own way"  or "I really want this but just don't know if I am good enough."  We need to chat....soon! 

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Schedule Coffee

With Megan

Curious if you are a fit? Schedule a FREE 30 minute coffee chat with me!

What's Included In The Program

I offer one-on-on coaching to teach you the tools to rewrite the negative stories you tell yourself that paralyze you from moving forward to create the business and life you know you deserve. 


I customize a program that will help you...

  • Create and execute a weekly agenda that prioritizes yourself and your family first while also reaching your goals

  • Set and achieve 90 day goals 

  • Be held accountable weekly 

  • Create awareness to your thoughts and learn how to rewrite them.

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