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is the time of year when everything resets…

  • Summer is over. 

  • Autumn is back. 

  • Kids go back to school. 

  • New routines form. 

  • Schedules change. 

  • Hoodie and jeans season returns

We spend so much time taking care of everyone and everything that we forget to take care of ourselves.  

September is THE time to be Selfish!! 

In my best-selling book The Selfish Hour I redefine what it means to be selfish.  You care so much about other people that you are willing to put yourself first so you can fill your cup to pour more into others! 

When I started my own Selfish Hour I was able to reconnect with ME, fall in love with ME, enjoy being with ME, deal with MY own shit and take responsibility for MY feelings and ultimately MY well-being.  Being selfish gave me a new life. 


I want that for you, too.


I will show you how I did it.  I want you to have the same breakthroughs to love yourself for the amazing woman that you are! 


You deserve all the LOVE you give everyone else.


Here’s what Selfish September will give you…

A  short daily email containing…


  1. A journal prompt

  2. A simple task 

  3. A mantra

The tasks should take you no more than 10-20 minutes. (You can find that much time to focus on yourself) (7).webp

Journaling allows you to declutter your mind. Having a question to answer makes it easier to know what to write about and to release the thoughts crammed in your head. 


The daily task is simple and focuses on you and some days may push you beyond your comfort zone.  This fuels change. 


The mantra will be a motivational quote or saying that relates to the task and prompt. 


Here’s what makes this great… 


  1. You can do it from anywhere at any time.  It’s excuse proof.

  2. If you miss a day or two you just pick up with the current day. You can never fall behind! 

There’s an added bonus… 

Each week on Tuesday I am going to have a guest speaker/training live in the FB group to answer questions that help you get out of your own head and guide your reset and reconnect journey. 


The Lives schedule are as follows…


 September 5th at 2pm EST 

Jackie Carl - Develop an attitude of gratitude 


 September 12th at 2pm EST 

Lauren Mueller - Fitness at your desk 


 September 19th at 2pm EST 

Kara Kupchella - Understanding your female physiology


 September 26th at 2pm EST 

Megan Weisheipl - Goal achievement mindset (7).webp

Meet Our Speakers

Jackie Carl

Jackie Carl is a wife, mother of two Will (10) & Marley(7), top network marketing leader and life coach for entrepreneurs who has taken the lessons she has learned through her 20 years of corporate, nonprofit, and network marketing leadership to help entrepreneurs go from stuck and frustrated to thriving and in love with their businesses again. She specializes in time management, regaining clarity and focus to help you achieve long-term sustainable growth, working through fear, and comparison, establishing boundaries, and avoiding the big B - Burnout. She delivers effective, approachable coaching and is excited to work with those ready to experience harmony in their businesses again. 

Lauren Mueller

I’ve been a group fitness instructor for 5 years and recently certified with NASM as a personal trainer. I started dancing at the age of 8 in a classical ballet studio and had the opportunity to train with the Milwaukee Ballet. I took a break from dancing to start our family (we have 2 kiddos) and got back into dance through WERQ (a cardio dance class I instruct). I enjoy learning new platforms for movement and dance and am excited to continue to learn and grow within the fitness community. I’m also a rep for Zyia Active! I get to help people get fit and feel good in their active wear outfits! 

Kara Kupchella

My name is Kara and I live in Central PA with my husband and two rescue dogs.  I am a BODi coach and a SYNC Certified Coach. I know how it feels to get caught up in the clutter of life. You want to be healthier. You feel like you’re doing all the right things, but what worked in your 20s no longer works now that you’re nearing 40 and beyond. You know how to follow a schedule and you’re good at “checking all the boxes,” but why does it feel so hard? Why do you still feel “off”? It’s because you’re not following your own calendar, my friend. I’ve been there. That’s why it’s become my mission to help motivated (but overwhelmed) women who feel out of alignment better understand their unique female physiology. This knowledge will empower you to reconnect - and BE MORE PRESENT - with yourself and others.

  • Selfish September

    Daily journal prompts, activities and mantras. Weekly FB Live Sessions.

You can choose to put yourself first and join Selfish September for only  $67 

That’s right.  My goal is to help you and your friends and family.  The more women we can help to be selfish the more women will be living their best lives.  A ripple effect of positive change! 


Be part of the ripple!

Ready To Be Selfish?

Megan lives in East Norriton, PA, with her husband Nick and their two spunky daughters Codi and Devney.  She loves a good cup of coffee, laughing until it hurts, Friends re-runs and beginning her day on her Peloton. 

Megan Speaks

Megan is a Certified Life Coach, Best-Selling Author, Director of coaching for Your Virtual Upline, a mom, wife, and dreamer.  Megan helps women learn how to put themselves first and to break the “need to be and do all” curse. Through coaching and speaking she guides women to step into their greatness.  Megan focuses on releasing the self-imposed obligation to people-please and overcoming imposter syndrome by creating confidence in being the authentic YOU. 

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